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Memorex CD-RW 4420 MSZIP Lansat 1970.01.01.

Fișier descărcat de 0 si a fost vazut de 4282

Categorie BD/DVD/CD
Brand Memorex
Dispozitiv CD-RW 4420
Sisteme de operare Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98
Mărimea fișierului 1.54 Mb
Tipul fișierului MSZIP
Lansat 1970.01.01
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Now supports MP3 recordings on the fly! No need to convert to wave file prior to recording audio CD's.­ Self-extracting file for Windows 95/­98/­NT.­ Upgrade for NTI CD Maker Pro Ver.­ 3.­6.­850 for Memorex supported CD-R/­RW Drives.­ Required software NTI CD Maker Pro for upgrade to install.­ Corrects problem with Audio Extraction from Toshiba Drives.­ Corrects Disc-At-Once audio recording (since version 3.­1.­600MU).­ Enables Disc-At-Once for Data (since version 3.­1.­600MU).­ Supports unicode (Chinese,­ Japanese,­ and Korean) and the Joliet file system (since version 3.­1.­600) Supports Windows NT Service Pack 5.­ Note:(Disk-At-Once recording is not supported on the CR-622.­)

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